How-To: Father’s Day Gifts


We’re painting gifts for Dad at the studio and we wanted to show you some great ideas for your loved ones! Check out how to make a beer stein to show Dad how much you appreciate all that he does to put up with you!


    Pick out your stein and colors!

We have a great selection of Father’s Day gifts to choose from. So grab your favorite beer mug and get ready for some painting!

Next, it’s time to grab some paint. We used a light tan (25) for the base, golden yellow (19) and dark tan (73) for the beer, and white (67) for the foam. 




Tape off your foam!

Use painters tape from the studio to tape off the parts of the stein you want to keep white. Remember that the bisque fires white with our clear glaze on top of it, so there is no need to paint over any parts that you want to keep looking white. 

We decided to tape off the rim for the foam and leave the handle white. 



 Paint your base!

We painted the base with a light tan (25) paint. Make sure you use three coats of paint and let each coat dry in between in order to get a nice solid color once it fires!





Sponge on your beer!

Use a sea sponge to create a textured look for your beer. Start with the golden yellow (19) at the top of your stein and use the sponge to work your way down the stein to about the halfway point at the bottom of the handle. Next, use the dark tan (73) to sponge on the paint starting at the bottom of the stein and working your way up a little past the halfway point. 

The last step is blending the yellow with the dark tan and layering on the sponging until you create an ombre effect from golden yellow at the top down to dark tan. Once you are satisfied with your ombre, stop sponging because you are ready for the next step!



Create the bubbles!

The first step is to take off your tape! Make sure that the paint is dry before your take it off!

Next, using a toothbrush and white paint (67), you are going to create a splatter effect in in the beer to create the bubbles. 

Dip the toothbrush in the white paint and then use your finger to flick the paint all over the stein.  



Add your foam!

Now it’s time to add your foam! Using the back of your brush, you will create dots to make your beer foam. 

Dip the back of your brush into the white paint (67) and dot the paint onto the rim of the stein. You may want to test out your dots on your palette before you start to make sure the dots are the size you want. Work your way down from the rim to the top of the beer and create your foam effect. We decided to make it look like the foam was spilling over the side of the stein with our dots. 



Leave a message for Dad!

Use a black paint pen (31) to write your note. Make sure the paint is completely dry before you use the paint pen so you don’t scrape off any of the existing paint layers while you write. Once the paint is dry, you can use a ballpoint pen to sketch on your saying to go over with the paint pen. The ballpoint pen will fire off in the kiln so don’t worry about the lines!




LAST STEP! Pick it up a few days later after we glaze and fire your beer stein. Once you get it from the studio, wrap it up and get it ready for Father’s Day!